4 Moving Hacks for Faster, Easier, Less Stressful Moves

How moving services in Toronto can make your move easier is a question that may cross your mind. Large moves are extremely time-consuming and require you to go through several pages of inventory documents before the truck leaves. Even if you have the time, it can be a pain to sign all of these documents and keep them until the move is completed. Moving companies are happy to take care of these tedious tasks. Here are a few ways that moving companies can make your move easier.

Hiring a full-service moving company:

A full-service moving company is probably a good option if you’re busy, moving on the fly, or just plain lazy. These professionals cover everything from packing and disassembling furniture to transporting your stuff and unpacking it. They’ll even transport your stuff if it needs extra padding. And since full-service movers are fully insured and bonded, you don’t have to worry about a thing during the move.

Preparing before the movers arrive:

Before hiring movers, make sure your new location is ready. Before you have your movers deliver their trucks, plan where they will park and place the boxes you’ve already packed. Make sure they have access to your home during the day. If you live in an apartment building, provide your moving coordinator with the necessary keys and a place to park. In addition, clear walkways for them to get to your new place.

Getting quotes from moving companies:

It can be helpful to get quotes from at least three different moving companies. While this number might be enough to make a decision, the more quotes you receive, the better. You may also come across terms like moving estimate and quote that you don’t understand. Here are some tips for avoiding red flags. In addition to receiving multiple quotes, getting a binding estimate will save you from getting a surprise bill at the end of the move.

Showing appreciation to movers:

It is customary to tip movers, especially those who have helped you with your move. While it is unnecessary, it shows them how much you appreciate their hard work. Whether you leave a tip in a bag or a note, you should always thank your movers when they move your belongings. You can also make your move easier by showing your appreciation for their efforts. Listed below are some tips for tipping movers.

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