How to Improve the Efficiency of Industrial Laser Cutters

Setting up your industrial laser cutter can greatly increase its efficiency. The proper layout of your shop allows you to make the most of the space and maximize your production rate. Make sure that secondary operations are close to the laser output. This will avoid parts sitting in transit, crippling the production plan. Make sure that secondary operations are close to the laser, too. Inefficient layouts can also lead to equipment movement and paralysis, which can cause weeks to be lost in production.

The automatic edge finding function improves cutting efficiency:

An automatic edge finding function enhances the cutting efficiency of an industrial laser cutter by reducing wastes during the cutting process. This function uses a CCD vision system and computer software to sense the angle of a sheet and automatically adjust the cutting head accordingly to fit the sheet. It can also adjust the cutting head to fit the sheet and minimize wastage. This function is also helpful for cutting skewed sheets to reduce the amount of waste.

The setting of the laser focus on the surface of the sheet:

The cutting head of an industrial-level laser cutter has three major parts. Each part has its role in determining the efficiency of the industrial laser cutter. A lens system must guide the laser beam to the cutting head. This lens system helps to focus the beam at a small spot with less than 0.2 mm diameter. This focuses the beam at a high enough point to achieve a high energy density or 1.4 x 1010 W/m2.

The setting of laser parameters affects cutting speed:

The setting of laser parameters affects the cutting speed of an industrial machine. The laser power and cutting speed are crucial to the quality of edge geometry. In addition to these two parameters, other factors that affect the speed and quality of industrial laser cutting include the thickness of the sheet steel, welding parameters, and the surface coating on the steel sheet. The thickness of the steel sheet also affects the cutting process since the surface coating affects the steel’s chemical composition and melting point.

Maintenance of metal laser cutting machine:

To ensure the efficient performance of your industrial laser cutting machine, you should focus on the following four aspects: First, clean your machine’s environment. Make sure the electrical cabinets are turned off. Clean it every day if your laser cutting machine has a lift-off action. Then, optimize its operation.

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