Which Tattoo Needle is Best for Shading?

There are several types of tattoo shader needles. Round needles are shaped like a circle and are marked with the letters RL or RS in front of the number. For beginners, round shaders in sizes 3-5 and 7-9 are the most commonly used? Each needle has a corresponding size tube. A round needle is also commonly known as a “Round Liner.”

Round liners:

There are two basic types of tattoo needles: liners and shaders. Liner needles are designed for small details, while shaders are best for shading and filling larger areas. There are a variety of shapes, sizes, and configurations of liners and shaders. Round liners have one needle, while flat liners have three or more needles. The configuration and shape of liners will depend on your desired outcome.

Round liner needles are best for dot work, while round shader needles are ideal for basic shading. Different needle types lend themselves to specific types of artwork, so it’s important to know which needles are best for your needs. You can also consult a technical manual to determine which needles best suit your style.

Stacked magnums:

There are three types of magnum needles: round, curved, and double-stacked. The round ones are commonly known as curved magnums. They have 2 rows, separated more than round shader needles, resulting in a smoother distribution of color. Each needle size is labeled M2, and ten and twelve-gauge versions are also available. Curved magnums have curved tips.


There are many different types of needles, and the right one for shading will depend on the tattoo’s style and type of work. Tattoo artists who do dotwork often use different shaders than those who do photorealistic portraits. The best way to perfect your shading is to practice using different needles. To do shading well, you must know when to use a round, flat, or curved needle.

Pirate Face:

You may want to use a pirate-themed tattoo needle when doing the shading on your body art. Pirate Face tattoo needles are medical grade stainless steel and individually packaged in blister packs. Each one has a sterile expiration date and is perfect for shading and lining. This set also comes with round liners for shading. The needles have a high quality and are very reasonable in price. You can choose the size that works best for your needs.

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